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(James Shu, Managing Attorney)


James Shu, the Managing Attorney, is originally from the People's Republic of China. Mr. Shu received his Bachelor of Law degree from the prestigious East China Law School in Shanghai, China in 1984. Immediately after graduation, Mr. Shu was admitted to the graduate program of International Economic Law, also at the East China Law School. In 1985, he was admitted to Harvard Law School as an LL.M. student funded by the Ford Foundation and received his Master of Law degree the following year. In 1987, Mr. Shu was admitted by the University of Texas at Austin as a JD candidate and received his Jurisprudence Doctorate in 1990.

Mr. Shu has also worked for some top law firms in the United States including, McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen in San Francisco, Foley & Lardner in Wisconsin, McGinnis, Lockridge & Kilgore in Texas, and others. He has also participated in several international negotiations involving China and other countries and, from 1991 to 1994, he worked for the Staff Counsel Office of Crum & Foster, accumulating rich experience in legal research and litigation.

For the past few years, Mr. Shu has served as the managing partner for the Law Offices of James Shu & Associates, with offices in Houston, Chicago, San Francisco and China. In this capacity, he has gained extensive experience in all kinds of laws.

Mr. Shu is also very active in local, national, and international business and political circles and is a frequent speaker on legal topics. Mr. Shu is also a table tennis (Ping Pong) fan and sometimes a serious player as well.


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